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March 15   |   Third Friday   |   Downtown Salisbury

March 23   |   Spring Festival   |   Allen Community Center

March 29-30   |   Easter Art Show   | Ocean City Convention Center

April 19   |   Third Friday   |   Downtown Salisbury

April 20   |   Earth Day Art Show   |   Salisbury Zoo

April 27   |   Salisbury Festival   |   Downtown Salisbury

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I am constantly amazed by the indomitable spirit of the folks who surround me in my work. It takes incredible conviction to devote oneself to making art, pottery, jewelry, ceramics, soap — hell, anything — from nothing. It also takes great courage to risk everything to open a shop selling other people’s handmade goods. It is my privilege to work with these people every day. I am grateful for them. They have changed my thinking and they have changed my world. I encourage you to look for others who make and sell goods in your community who are worthy of your support. They just might change your world too.

All the best,



The Chesapeake region is so blessed with an abundance of heavenly seafood and farm-fresh produce, and an array of truly original delights, that it is difficult to imagine another place that boasts as many culinary treasures as we have here.

“Delmarva’s Finest,” my new silkscreen print series debuting this spring, salutes the best of Eastern Shore cuisine, from salty Chincoteague oysters and succulent Chesapeake Bay blue crabs to sweet, rich Smith Island cake. Illustrated in a fun pop art style, with bold, bright colors and nostalgic lettering, the prints proclaim the pride of Delmarva and make great gifts for residents and visitors alike.

Three prints will be released in April. Additional prints will follow in the months ahead.

Each print measures 11 x 14 inches matted and sells for $75 framed and $35 unframed.

They will be available beginning in April at Bishop’s Stock in Snow Hill, Bungalow Love in Berlin, Sundial Books in Chincoteague, Sunnyside Shop in Cambridge and at


Over the past year, Stacey Weisner of Salisbury has collected more than a dozen Erick Sahler Serigraph originals. Each time she purchases a new print, she has a simple request: “I’d like No. 52, if you have it.”

Stacey’s sister, Shelly Crowder, was an officer with the Prince George County (Va.) Police Department. She died unexpectedly in April 2012. Her badge number was 52.

Stacey has turned collecting the No. 52 prints into a tribute to her sister. You can see her collection in the downtown office of the Delmarva Zoological Society, where she is executive director.

My condolences to Stacey and her family on their loss. I will never sign and number a No. 52 print that I won’t think of Shelly Crowder.

And yes, Stacey, No. 52 will always be available to you.


Big thanks to former colleague Cindy Robinson of The Daily Times for managing, editing and producing the weekly Artist Spotlight feature in the paper’s Sunday ShoreLife section.

For more than 20 years, Cindy has reached out to the Delmarva arts community to ensure timely stories on musicians, actors, writers, dancers and visual artists.

On Feb. 17, I was featured. You can read my story here. It also appeared online at

Within a day of publication, I received print orders from Atlanta, Miami and Pittsburgh, and dozens of folks at the Better Living Show in Salisbury a week later mentioned they had seen me “in the paper.”

I am grateful the newspaper, with its many challenges, continues to support the arts through the publication of Artist Spotlight. Anyone who would like to be featured should contact Cindy at 410-845-4651.



In early March, the shops that carry my work sold their last “Boardwalk GullFriends” prints. I believed the edition was sold out — that is, until this week when I discovered a few low-number prints stowed away in the storage area above my print shop.

“Boardwalk GullFriends” was designed and printed in October 2011. There are 70 prints in the edition, of which six remain before it sells out forever.

“Downtown Salisbury” sold out in February. Once an edition sells out, it will never be reprinted in its original format. However, “Downtown” and “Boardwalk” will continue to be available on mugs and ArtCards.


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