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This spring brings three new editions to the My Hometown Series lineup. In mid-April we introduced designs celebrating two mid-Shore icons: the lovely beach in Oxford, Md., and the historic Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Md. Also, on Presidents Day Weekend, we debuted a new design featuring the rustic docks along the Chincoteague, Va., waterfront.

“The Strand” is a 10-color silkscreen edition of 125 prints. The artwork was inspired by the fashionable sunhats I saw in Oxford last summer and the style recalls the elegance and sophistication of mid-20th century travel posters. In the background are two Oxford “regulars”: a moored sailboat and the town’s iconic ferry. A steady breeze carries flags and ribbons as the setting sun creeps toward the horizon. It is the Oxford Strand at its summertime best.

“The Inn” is a 12-color silkscreen edition of 115 prints. The original structure, adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, was built in 1816 as a replica of Commodore Perry’s cabin on the USS Niagara. Today, The Inn at Perry Cabin is luxurious and sophisticated, with a half-dozen buildings and 78 rooms. It was immortalized in the hit film “The Wedding Crashers,” and it continues to be a destination for A-list weddings and receptions.

“Dockside” is a 12-color silkscreen edition of 130 prints. The Chincoteague docks are where hearty fishermen unload their catches of world-famous seafood each day. This view, from the new bridge leading to the island, is a scene I have been in love with for a long time.

All three prints were hand-pulled, signed and numbered by the artist. They are 16x20 inches, with an image area of 12x16 inches, and are printed on 100 percent cotton, acid-free Stonehenge paper using archival inks. Prices are $135 framed or $85 unframed. Prints may be ordered from the Shop page of our website.



April 21 — Third Friday celebration. Downtown Plaza, Salisbury, Md. 5-8 p.m.*

May 19 — Third Friday celebration. Downtown Plaza, Salisbury, Md. 5-8 p.m.*

May 27 — Artisans Fair, Lord Baltimore Elementary School, 120 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View, Del. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sept. 15 — Third Friday celebration. Downtown Plaza, Salisbury, Md. 5-8 p.m.*

Oct. 7 — Bethany Artisans Festival. Bethany Beach Fire Co., Bethany Beach, Del. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Nov. 8 — Wallops Flight Facility Arts and Crafts Show, Wallops Island, Va. 11 a.m.-1 p.m. (date tentative)

Nov. 25 — Small Business Saturday Print Shop Open House. Erick Sahler Serigraphs Co., Salisbury, Md. 1-4 p.m.

* weather permitting

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Made on Maryland’s Eastern Shore   |   © 2009-17 Erick Sahler Serigraphs Co.


Heidi Griebel’s Sunnyside Shop on Poplar Street in Cambridge, Md., is one of the hippest stores on the Delmarva Peninsula, featuring an incredible selection of cool clothes, jewelry, gifts and art. My family has been shopping there for years, and we always discover something new that’s funky and fun.

This spring, Erick Sahler Serigraphs collaborated with Barefoot Willy’s Tees to add several new designs to Sunnyside’s ubër-Eastern Shore T-shirt line.

Our “Fresh Daily” design, printed on charcoal heavyweight all-cotton Gildan tees, celebrates the fictional “Cambridge Seafood Co.” The five-color back print depicts a sagging Chevy C-10 loaded with a homemade refrigerator unit for hauling crabs and oysters to market. It is based on a truck I glimpsed one day passing through Cambridge. I regret not getting photos and have been searching for it ever since. On the front is a two-color left-chest print
featuring the seafood company’s “logo.”

Our “21613” designs, printed on white heavyweight all-cotton Gildan tees, features the Cambridge ZIP code on the left chest and a two-color design on the back depicting the iconic Route 50 bridge across the Choptank River.

In addition, we have expanded our line of “Eat More Scrapple” shirts for the summer season with short-sleeve natural heavyweight all-cotton Gildan tees printed with the popular scrapple design in black ink.

All the shirts were printed by hand on the Eastern Shore by Barefoot Willy’s Tees and are available exclusively at Sunnyside Shop in Cambridge.



Proclaim your Eastern Shore pride with our new “Eat More Scrapple” stickers, suitable for placement on car windows, tractors, workboats and more.

The 3x5-inch decals are printed on durable vinyl and coated with a laminate to protect them from scratching, rain and sunlight. I have one on my truck, and it stirs conversation and thumbs-up wherever I go.

Stickers are $3 and are available at Sunnyside Shop in Cambridge and on our website.


Kids, sometimes it gets lonely working solo in the print shop and so I turn to Instagram to follow what other artists are creating. One of my favorites is a 40-something designer in Portland, Ore., named Aaron Draplin.

My sister, graphic designer and SCAD grad Kate Lynch, turned me on to Draplin’s work a couple years ago, first giving me some of his groovy little Space Shuttle stickers, and then later one of his iconic (seriously iconic) state posters featuring the well-known logos of Maryland. Now she and I exchange Draplin merch every Christmas.

Two things that elevate Draplin above others:

— One, he’s good. His designs are simple, stripped down to the essential elements. That’s how I learned to design and I appreciate it in the work of others.

— Two, he works hard. Really hard. And not to pile up money — though he is a brilliant marketer of his own products. He does it because he says it’s fun to create, and it’s satisfying to share his gifts and get them out in the world, and when an artist does that then good things happen.

I find that inspiring.

So when Draplin’s seemingly-never-ending book tour (sold out of books, by the way) reached Wilmington, Del., in early April, I was there, in the front, soaking it all in with a roomful of aspiring 20-something designers. And at the end, I shook his hand and told him this little story. And that’s how I met Aaron Draplin.



Congratulations and thank you to the legendary Commander Hotel in Ocean City, Md., for including our two popular crab designs in its $5 million renovation completed this spring.

Located on the Boardwalk at 14th Street, the Commander has been an Ocean City landmark since it opened in 1930. The renovation features a new entrance and lobby, where my artwork is displayed, as well as updates to its 109 guest rooms.

My designs “Blue Crabs” and “Summertime Blues” were reproduced on 30x40 inch canvas by David Hall of Salisbury and were hung next to the main elevators in the hotel lobby.

I am grateful to be a small part of the Commander’s renovation project and wish it well on its grand reopening.


— Bishop’s Stock in Snow Hill, for not only being my longest supporter but for allowing me to be the featured artist at its First Friday gallery openingin March. It was a blast to meet and chat with so many folks, and the party extended a week later to a stellar performance by Daryl Davis at the Snow Hill Blues Jam.

— Culver Auto Racing Museum in eastern North Carolina for featuring my “Stock Car Races” silkscreen print on its website. Chad Culver’s passion for and knowledge of Delaware dirt track racing is evident throughout his three books and his ever-growing collection of race cars and memorabilia. If you ever raced or cheered in the stands at Delmar or Georgetown, be sure to check out this website.


We never sit still at Erick Sahler Serigraphs Co.

Coming in the months ahead are four new silkscreen print editions. I’ve made some rough sketches and I like where they are heading. Here are the general ideas:

— Something elegant and sexy saluting the beach at Assateague and continuing the theme that started with “The Strand”

— Something playful and amusing featuring the otters of the Delmarva Discovery Center in Pocomoke, Md.

— Something nostalgic and sporty paying tribute to 20 years of Minor League Baseball on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

— Something sentimental and iconic celebrating the grand arrival of the beachgoers to Ocean City, Md.

I promise all the artwork will be fun and I am excited to get started designing it. As soon as each illustration is complete, I’ll post it on our website.

— Casey Foltz and the Wicomico Visual and Performing Arts class for granting me an audience to discuss my career and the art of screen printing. Targeting high school students pursuing a career in the arts, VPA offers expanded study on a shoestring. From my firsthand experience, we need to do more to help this program, where students create amazing artwork despite a cramped and uninspiring space, worn-out equipment and limited supplies.

— The Salmagundi Club, which has extended privileges to members of the Society of Illustrators. Located on Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village, the Salmagundi Club is New York’s oldest art society having included Howard Pile, Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth among its members. I visited its galleries and lounge in March and look forward to returning this summer.

— The Weisners, who may be competing for the most Erick Sahler serigraphs in a single office. First it was Stacey, who filled her executive suite at the Delmarva Discovery Center with dozens of my prints. Now, if recent internet reports are to be believed, husband Mike has redecorated his realty company with a roomful of my work. Just teasing, y’all. I’m grateful for the support.

— Everyone who reads this far, hangs our art, wears our tees, sticks our stickers. Every action, no matter how big or small, keeps us moving forward. For that, I am grateful.

All the best,